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Power 5 HMC Commands

Power 5 HMC Commands:
To see system state for a system or the partitions on a system:
lssyscfg -r sys -m
lssyscfg -r lpar -m
To just see names and state:
lssyscfg -r lpar -m -F name,state --header
To power on an lpar with a profile:
chsysstate -m -o on -r lpar -n -f
i.e. for example:
chsysstate -m alpha -o on -r lpar -n alpha-lp1 -f default
To power on a whole machine (CEC):
chsysstate -m alpha -o on -r sys
Etc. chsysstate, lssyscfg and other commands have good explanations if they're run without arguments.
Issuing a 'soft reset', to push a hung machine into KDB/XMON, is not obvious. The magic incantation is:
chsysstate -r lpar -m -n -o dumprestart
To issue a 'hard reset', to turn off a partition, no matter what:
chsysstate -r lpar -m -n -o shutdown --immed --restart (con esto rebotamos una particion)
To add one virtual CPU: (note these use -p instead of -n for the partition name)
chhwres -r proc -m -p -o a --procs 1
To add one-tenth of a cpu processing entitlement:
chhwres -r proc -m -p --procunits 0.1

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